Let’s Get Started

Social media can be an excellent marketing tool for any business. You’ve got a story, and your customers want you to share it! So now what? Here are ways in which we can help you grow your community of online followers. Let’s get people excited about who you are and start spreading the word of your business for you.

How Rachel Koning Social Media Marketing can work with you:

Creating your social media profiles – starting from the beginning, we’ll set up your accounts together, ensuring that your brand is shown consistently across all platforms.

Planning one-on-one or small group intro sessions – we’ll get you up to speed on content, posting frequency, useful tools and basic how-to’s.

Providing ongoing social media managementincluding regular posting, monthly site audits, and customer engagement.

Designing social media campaigns – have a special event or promotion coming up? We’ll construct a multi-platform campaign that makes sense for your specific goals.

Organizing your social media content calendar – this is your ongoing guide to topics, ideas, and optimal posting days and times.

Composing blogs, newsletters and press releases – we’ll create compelling content to convert people back to your website again and again.

Developing content for your website and promotional materials – copy writing and editing services for all your online, in-house, and marketing efforts.

Want to brainstorm? Be in touch via the Contact page, and we’ll come up with a game plan to develop a thriving and effective social media program for you or your business.